Health & Harmonica

  • Harmonica works wonders on your health because it shows you how to breathe right.
  • It is the only instrument that makes you exhale and inhale. It improves our breathing which leads to an increase in lungs capacity and oxygen storing capacity. Dr John p Schamen has started a unique programme called HELP {Harmonica Exercise for Lung Programme}.Through this breathing becomes more controlled and powerful.
  • When you pump into the harmonica it also affects our stomach and helps you lose a few inches there. The digestive system also improves.
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases refers to a group of diseases that cause air flow blockage and breathing related problems. So far there is no cure for this disease but through harmonica it is possible to slow down the further progression of the disease. The pulmonica is the number one rated medical harmonica and is specially designed to aid in the treatment of pulmonary illnesses.
  • It is used for addiction therapy, to treat addictive behaviours eg nicotine cravings. When a person feels the urge to smoke, he should instead take up the harmonica.
  • Harmonica dhyana is a method to release anger and fear allowing for a deeper, meditative result. Dr David Harp has written over 2 dozen books on how a harmonica can change your brain’s response to anger, fear, pain and desire.