Harmonica is a small instrument also known as a mouth organ
made of many holes, reeds and a hood.
But it can do wonders to lift your mood.
It is an instrument which can be played by anyone
You don’t need talent of a special kind for this one.
It only consists of blow and draw and draw and blow
There is nothing else in it to keep the flow.
But to create the right effect, the techniques of blow n draw
are very important
Sometimes you need to blow hard n sometimes soft
Sometimes you need to block the air
Sometimes you need to let it flow freely.
Sometimes you need single note, sometimes you need octaves
Sometimes you need tremolo, sometimes you need a cross blow.
The octaves give a special effect
And leave the song without a defect
The touch notes should be used in the right place
And vamping should be done in the right pace
Your brain will think and learn the notations, quit the mind now your soul speak your emotion
pay attention to these details, you can soar high in a
With this small wonder instrument in your pocket
Concept : Ashok Bhandari
Poem written by " Nita Das